As a team, please post your team netiquette here (Use positive, constructive comments only):

California, please post in BLUE.
Michigan, please post in RED.

Directions for Posting to the Discussion Tab

1. When you are posting an Open Ended Question:

In the Subject box:
  • Type Chapter number
  • Type the open-ended question (that has evidence in the text)
In the message box:
  • Type your open-ended question a second time
  • Type in your first name
2. If you are REPLYING to a post (answering a question)

  • Click on the Subject of the Question you are replying to.
  • In the reply box type your answer which should include:
    • your opinion followed by...
    • Specific evidence from the text with page number references.
    • Don't forget, explain your reasoning of how this evidence supports your answer.
    • Please type your first name at the end of this reply and click post.

3. If you are asking a "clarifying question", you would post your chapter number, and the subject would be, "clarify" and your name.

Requirements for Online Discussions

*Please feel free to post more often than the minimum requirements below!!!!
  • By Wednesday of each week, students need to:
    • Post at least one "original" open ended question that has evidence from the text?
    • Check to see if you need to reply to anybody who has answered your question.
  • By Friday of each week, students need to:
    • Reply to at least two open-ended questions (see number 2 above).
    • Check the replies to their question and clarify, elaborate, or continue the conversation thread.

Possible Questions for Inquiry Research



Do these boss programs happen all around the world? How, why, and where?
How does the government of India affect the people, and what is the cause of that type of government?

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