Boys Without Names Book Club 1 Jeremy, Raymond, Nicky, Yulexi

As a team, please post your team netiquette here (Use positive, constructive comments only):
California, please post in BLUE.
Michigan, please post in RED.

Directions for Posting to the Discussion Tab

‍1. When you are posting an Open Ended Question:

In the Subject box:
  • Type Chapter number
  • Type the open-ended question (that has evidence in the text)
In the message box:
  • Type your open-ended question a second time
  • Type in your first name
2. If you are REPLYING to a post (answering a question)

  • Click on the Subject of the Question you are replying to.
  • In the reply box type your answer which should include:
    • your opinion followed by...
    • Specific evidence from the text with page number references.
    • Don't forget, explain your reasoning of how this evidence supports your answer.
    • Please type your first name at the end of this reply and click post.

3. If you are asking a "clarifying question", you would post your chapter number, and the subject would be, "clarify" and your name.

Requirements for Online Discussions

*Please feel free to post more often than the minimum requirements below!!!!
  • By Wednesday of each week, students need to:
    • Post at least one "original" open ended question that has evidence from the text?
    • Check to see if you need to reply to anybody who has answered your question.

  • By Friday of each week, students need to:
    • Reply to at least two open-ended questions (see number 2 above).
    • Check the replies to their question and clarify, elaborate, or continue the conversation thread.

‍Possible Questions for Inquiry Research



Introducing Our Book Buddies:

Jeremy Ray